The Forgiveness

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Marc Chagall – The angel's fall, 1923-1933-1947 Marc Chagall – The angel's fall, 1923-1933-1947 Some symbols: the angel's fall: guilt - The priest: the authorities of judgment - the crucifix: the extreme forgiveness - The sun in the middle:   with reflex towards the positive symbols of the concept.

We were asked to clarify the concept of forgiveness.

Forgive, does not mean forgetting, obliterate, means researching the true causes that have resulted in unfair malicious behavior, derive meaning, discover the objective, institutional, cultural, and correct it..

What should be done, what behavior?

    I repeat: to forgive does not mean forget, nor bless, does not mean obliterate, otherwise you put in a favorable condition for the harmful behavior of those who know, you ripetani more aggravated conditions.

What is forgiveness?

   Forgiveness is a direct priestly act to the brothers and the "enemy" (part of ourselves) who want forgiveness and who must want, or that is in the position of not being able to harm, so that the act of forgiveness does not translate a mockery of the one who manifests it. All this also is the love towards the enemy, ie also understand his reasons. Try to persuade him to change course and not to rage on him once defeated.

As you hear the one who forgives, it becomes better?

  Who forgives become judgmental authorities of who is forgiven.

When they lose, what should I do?

   Forgiveness does not mean the obligation of reconciliation between victim and perpetrator, but ensure that the victim is compensated by the "executioner" by all means that, not being able to equate forgiveness "outrage" of the victim and the hatred Free, unfair to the executioner.

But it is difficult? Can you Explain me?

   Forgiving does not mean forgetting, indeed means the opposite; It means "remembering" means analyzing the real causes that have resulted in harmful behavior, unjust; find the clear-occult-individual meaning remedy without unnecessary sold.
To forgive is to truth, light shed light means deep knowledge of the fact only after realizing you can forgive and "loving" and "pray" to find remedies.







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