The Technological Era

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We are living in the technological era, but each situation features other three sides. To the detriment of our personality, our technological society has created the ingenious monstrosity of the group - a downside to be constantly controlled – together with the social "slave - master" hierarchy, while socialist, animist, nomadic societies pay little attention to the accumulative production of the group, but rather focus on the magic, artistic and dreamy creativity of all the group members.

The animist - nomadic approach takes inspiration from the birds in the sky and the lilies in the fields, and uses technology as a work instrument.

Some say that wellbeing is not intended for everybody, but what is the nature of this wellbeing? Or maybe someone is trying to covertly (or rather patently) state that our society needs some victims, vampirised people?

Well, in this case, we reject this bloodstained welfare: it is better to give up, maybe even die, than enjoy the benefits arising from a situation which ties men to a computer each day and night, thus cancelling any thought and creation: an instrument to be used with the utmost care.

Nowadays, we must run and hurry, because we have to improve our production with the purpose of increasing the sales ...

These are the requirements of the current economy, which is the economy of the rich to the disadvantage of the poor!

Therefore, an economy which supports the rich believes and makes you believe that the distress of men is a normal condition, necessary to achieve a powerful and flourishing economy, while men become stressed and exhausted.

They will have a nervous and physical breakdown, since the increasing activity, production and consumption lead to a general pollution, which affects the nature, atmosphere, seas, forests, water, soil, food, etc.

Well, I, a prophet-nomad, declare that this assumption is neither intelligent nor reasonable. Do you really think that an alleged "economy" likely to damage, destroy, dirty and waste can be regarded as a genuine economy?

We must urgently find a way to restore balance and equality between peoples and provide men with pure energy.

The first thing that we can do is to recharge ourselves and, to this end, we must learn - or rather relearn - how to stop.

Yes, have regular breaks during the day, stop running and hurrying, disconnect from the Internet, take a look at yourself and the world around you, make comments and assessments, open your eyes!

If you do not turn off the water and gas taps or the electricity switches, you will run out of the resources, all the energy will be gone, just like your psychic energy and creativity.

Later I will talk about the collective thoughts and feelings to find the "Promised Land" once again, which must be considered a different creative world, because the Earth is already perfect; the "Promised Land" described by Jesus and the prophets corresponds to our minds, our thoughts of brotherhood and equality for all the people, then there will be no more social inequality, injustice and poverty.

The "Promised Land" can be achieved only if men change their thoughts and fraternize with their fellows.



"Let the Magic song of the crazy - broken hope rise.

And the Earth will rise again in us with a New Glorious Body

And the dreamy Heavens shall show their splendour... "

David, the prophet.




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Over the life cycle of men and books, in particular of those dealing with life like this one, the final chapter and the closing sentence are - perhaps coincidentally - the most important steps. Probably some articles have succeeded, albeit marginally, in addressing or inspiring some readers, therefore I would like to add: "Upon the drafting of this text, I listened to my heart, which in turn answered the call of our troubled time! Therefore, I decided to subject our works to constant scientific checks in order to emphasise the substance and content, and now I would like to let my heart talk about the importance of "word" and "time" within modern prophetism.

In our world, the just do not exist, because there can be no prevailing justice, and the just are often killed, persecuted, deceived (whereas the opposite occurs in the Promised Land): the just, i.e. those who act with liberality and full awareness, are crucified. "... Does not ride a horse on the hills full of beauty and love ..." (prophet Isaiah.)

How many crucified virtuous men will it take, before we shall revive in the glory and in light of the return of the Promised Land? We know that Isaiah’s vision addresses the need for justice and truth.

In the Canticle of the Promised Land, we know that the behaviour of the just shall be immeasurably rewarded. However, we must all recreate this ancient land, which is now almost extinct, and to this end, we must be "Just and Eternal."

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